This tutorial will help you install a ShoutCast Server on your VPS. ShoutCast Servers are used to broadcast music across the internet, They are often used for Internet Radio Stations.
  • SSH Access
  • Nano (Click Here For Tutorial) Or Another Text Editor
  • Cent OS 5 (This may work on other distributions, but has not been tested by me.)
  • Root Access
Step 1:
Login SSH via your favorite client. You need to create an additional account, Running ShoutCast as root can pose a security risk. Inorder to create a new account you need to use the following commands:
adduser shoutcast passwd shoutcast
It should ask for a password, enter any password you choose.
Please note: You do not have to use shoutcast as the account name. If you do change it, you must change it in both commands.
Step 2:
After you have that account setup, You need to su into it. Use the following command to gain access to that account:
su shoutcast
Please note: Remember if you did not use shoutcast as the account name you must change it here, too.
Step 3:
You need to download the server files to the shoutcast account's home directory. You need to navigate over to that directory if your not already there. Use the following command to download the files:
Step 4:
You need to extract the downloaded files, Use the following command to extract them:
tar -zxvf sc_serv_1.9.8_Linux.tar.gz
Step 5:
You now can remove the archive the server files we're in by using this command:
rm sc_serv_1.9.8_Linux.tar.gz
Step 6:
You now need to configure your ShoutCast Server, This step requires Nano or another text editor. We will be using Nano, Use the following command to edit the configuration file:
nano sc_serv.conf
Nano now should open with the file, You need to edit the file according to your tastes, Below are some of the nessessary changes that need to be changed:
MaxUser=32-Donotsetthis to a huge number unless your going to be having that many listeners.(It saves resources)Password=changeme -This password is required to broadcast on the air.PortBase=8000-Thisis the port you can access your Server on.;AdminPassword=adminpass -You need to remove the ;fromin front of it.(Thisisnot required but is recommended.)
You now need to save the configuration press: CTRL and X at the same time, It will ask if you want to save the changes, Choose Yes, by typing y, Then press enter.
Step 7:
Now, Its time to start your server. You should use the following command:
./sc_serv sc_serv.conf
Your server is now successfully started, You can close the SSH Connection. If for some reason, you kill the process or you reboot your VPS, Just complete Step 7 again. You can connect directly using the account you made for shoutcast if you want, if you restart it.
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